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Welcome To The Official Website of Dr.Massoud Beaini
Services Provided  
- Development of Sexual Organs
- Sexual Health
- STDs
- Sexual Orientation
- Sexual Desire
- Sexual Arousal - Orgasm
- Sexual Fantasy
- Sexual Abuse
- Masturbation
- Cunnilingus
- Fellation
- Genital Massage
- Vaginal Intercourse
- Anal Sex
- Outercourse
- Couple Relationship
Radios and TV's:
18-4-2007: Orient Radio - Cloning.
18-5-2007: RLL (Lebnen l 7or) - Cloning and Gene Therapy.
30-5-2007: Orient Radio - Stress, Food and Sex.
19-6-2007: VDL (Sawt lebnen)- Gene Therapy as a cure for all diseases.
25-6-2007: ART Tv - The Future of Gene Therapy: Where to?
2-7-2007: Al2an Tv - Frigidity in women
22-8-2007: TL - Sexual identity in Humans and Sexual deviations.
23-10-2007: VDL (Sawt lebnen)- Masturbation
26-12-2007: VDL (Sawt lebnen)- The effect of a person's past on his                      future engagement.
7-01-2008: New Tv - Masturbation from conception till adulthood.
Since September 2007: Dr. Massoud Beaini is a permanent guest in " My Family" show diffused on Future TV. So far, the subjects tackled are:
- Masturbation from conception till adulthood.
- Frigidity in women.
- Impotence in men.
- Men from Mars, women from Venus.
- How to talk sex to my child?
- Sex and body language.
- Sex dreams.
7-07-2008: Orient Radio - How to talk sex to my child?
14-07-2008: VDL (Sawt Libnen -How to answer questions children ask                     about sex?
27-07-2008: NewTv - Women Sexual Dysfunction from A to Z.
July 2007: Eté et Sexualité

August - September 2007: Le tout sur la masturbation

October 2007: L’homosexualité masculine: De l’antiquité jusqu’à nos jours...

Novembre 2007: Adolescence et homosexualité: Un enfant gay...parler ou se taire? 

December 2007 - January 2008: L’homosexualité féminine : Le lesbianisme

February 2008: La Malaise Masculine: L'Ejaculation Précoce

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